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When I Miss You

When it suddenly comes upon me

that itchy feeling I just can’t shake,

I look at your picture, or write a poem

or eat as much chocolate as I can take.

When I wonder what you’re doing,

or if you think it was all a big mistake,

I play your music, and sketch red bicycles

or look up something yummy I can make.

Yes, when I’ve missed you, or when I miss you

(it’s now become quite a familiar ache),

I keep the feeling quiet, keep it to myself,

for EVERYBODY’s sake.

Commentary: Writing this little poem in response to a very unpleasant situation a while ago was of great comfort to me, and I think it turned out quite sweet to be honest. Unfortunately it doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the poems I've put together in "Cajoncito", my upcoming poetry collection (out later this year, watch this space!), and it's not quite literary enough to be picked up by any poetry magazine, so I thought I'd let it have it's little time in sun over here on my website.


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