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I am tired, in Fullhouse Literary Magazine (August 2023)


Regret, in Streetcake Magazine (July 2023)


Welcome, friend in Yellow Arrow Journal (February 2023)



Three poemsin wave 10 of Iamb Poets- Poetry Seen and Heard (July 2022).


Some Mothers, in Poetry Wales Issue 58.1 (July 2022).


Reasons para seguir amando, un poema multilingüe sobre la tenacidad del amor, en la primera edición de Los Enjambres (Marzo 2022).


Breakfast after the Fact, a poem about marriage, conflict, and reconciliation, in Olney Magazine (February 2022).


Paris, mi-octobre, a trilingual poem, in Pollux Journal (November 2021).


Gathering My Children to Me, in Bandit Fiction (November 2021).

The Other Woman, a favourite piece of mine, in Kayla King's "Womanhood" anthology, "The Elpis Pages." (December 2021)


The Other Woman, in Fresher Publishing's "Glean & Graft" and "Eye Spy" Anthologies (November 2021). 

There was never any poetry, only Bloodshort-listed for the Bournemouth Fresher Publishing Poetry Prize 2021, in Fresher Publishing's "Glean & Graft" and "Eye Spy" Anthologies (November 2021). 

My Gam Speaks in Remnants, a trilingual poem, short-listed for the Bournemouth Fresher Publishing Poetry Prize 2021, in Fresher Publishing's "Glean & Graft" and "Descent" Anthologies (November 2021).

Storm Tower, in Fiery Scribe Review Magazine (October 2021).

Portrait of a Girl-Child, in Feral Poetry (October 2021).


Beneath the Waves of Tamarin Bay, an experimental/visual poem, in Streetcake Magazine (August 2021).

Dig, in Epoch Press (July/August 2021).

Tengo Tanto Que Contar, en Anthropocene Poesía (Julio 2021).

Papier Mâché, in Janus Literary Journal (June 2021) nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2021. 


The Safest Place, a bilingual English/Spanish poem in Untitled Voices Magazine (June 2021).

(Probably not) The Last Poem I Ever Write About You, in The Cabinet of Heed Literary Journal (May 2021).

Unwelcome, in Nymphs Journal (May 2021).

Me Cuesta Pensar, en Revista Purgante, + video lectura  (Abril 2021).

I don't write about my brick house because it is there,  in the Melbourne Culture Corner (April 2021).

Tiny Tiger, in the Feline Utopia Anthology (April 2021).

Please accept this poem, in Sledgehammer Lit (April 2021) nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Pedacitosand the Unpublishable Podcast. (March 2021, podcast out April 2021).

On recovering from heartbreak, in Unpublishable Magazine (March 2021).

Mujer Celosa, un poema sobre cómo responder a una mujer enloquecida de celos, en Revista Purgante (Marzo 2021). 

De repente, de repente, en Revista Purgante (Marzo 2021).

New Start, published in Fevers of the Mind Press (Feb 2021).

Black Dolls for Christmas, published in Fevers of the Mind Press (Feb 2021).

Real French, a trilingual-ish poem in Pollux Journal, + audio and video reading. (Feb 2021). 

Crocodiles, in TunaFish Journal, + video reading (Feb 2021)

J'accouche, a bilingual poem, in Selcouth Station Press (Jan 2021).

Incontinence & Mum Poem, two poems at Selcouth Station Press (Jan 2021).

Stories & Prose

Thinking too loud, a flash story about the lingering connection between two people, even after things have gone horribly wrong, in Acropolis Journal (July 2021).

Te cuento de la Lunaun cuento especulativo sobre la luna, la verdad, el amor, el tiempo, y un jardín en Punchuncaví, Chile. Publicado en Lanke Review (Mayo 2021).

A Dos Hombres Conocí, un microrelato poetico sobre las heridas que dejan los monstruos, y los hombres, en Revista Purgante (Junio 2021).

When Mother Nature Will Not Wake is a is a speculative celebration of the resilience of women and the strength of womanhood, through the metaphor of the goddess of Mother Earth as she is understood in Greek, Hindu and Amerindian mythology. (April 2021)

This Thread is a short piece of fiction about the connection between two people who care for each other across a great distance, in Briefly Zine (March 2021).

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