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Una Cosa/One Thing

Una Cosa

Si tu quieres que me vaya,

entonces me voy.

Me retiro a mi reino

de poesía y pimentones.

Una cosa que aprendí de esto:

que no soy Reina en todas partes.

One Thing

If you want me to leave,

then here I go.

I will retire to my kingdom

of poetry and bell peppers.

One thing I have learnt from this:

I am not Queen in every quarter.

Commentary: Someone once commented that this poem was "an anthem of strength and loss." and I can't really think of a better description for it. It's about walking away from a situation with your head held as high as you possibly can, even if you are bleeding out from the inside. Mourning, and mending the heart are activities that are best done privately. And in poetry, I believe.


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