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6 Things with... Meaghan Curley, author of "Vulgar Wisdoms"

"Vulgar Wisdoms" is Meaghan Curley's first collection of poems. With poems about rape culture in America, Black Lives Matters protests, competitve beer pong, and the morbid mysteries surrounding death, Curley's lyrical, sometimes biting and often political writings are reminiscent of Nicanor Parra's Anti-poems series. With poems titled "This Poem is Longer than Brock Turner's Prison Sentence", "Love, Thy Knave", "An Ode to Panhandlers" and "Species of Thief", you'd be remiss to miss out on Curley's work.

Meaghan Curley was born in Utica, New York where she worked a variety of low-paying jobs. She is an author of the book "Girl: Repurposed", published in 2017, and "the Grimy and the Greedy", released by Cosmic Teapot Publishers in January 2021. Follow her on Twitter @Unclemeag for more updates on her writings or on her website

Hi Meaghan, thanks for being with us today. We're both busy poets and writers, so let's get stuck in! What are would you say are six things that went into the writing of this book?

Political ennui, Shakespeare references, pun, social rage and profanity.

Five things you need to get some good writing done? I need to get my ass in a chair, i need my laptop to not shit out on me, i need a strong enough internet connection to back up my work, the will power to not go online when i should be writing and to put my phone in the other room.

Four types of readers who will enjoy this book?

The irreverent,, the hopelessly optimistic, fans of Nicanor Parra, and the people who need grit with their glamor

Three challenges you faced in the writing of this book?

Knowing what to cut out, gaining the confidence to actually publish this book on my own, and pandemic anxiety

Two writers that have influenced this particular collection?

Nicanor Parra and Shakespeare

One word to describe this collection.


"Vulgar Wisdoms" is on sale on Amazon, as are Meaghan's other books. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram as @Unclemeag.

Disclaimer: "EMC's 6 things" interview series seeks to promote the artist and their featured writing and is in no way an endorsement of any of said artist's services, opinions or other work outside of this feature.


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