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Writer of the Month: Salam Adejoke for April 2022

This month's pick is a simple but striking poem sent to me by Nigerian poet and architect Salam Adejoke. Hope you enjoy it as much I did!

The Writer

Salam Adejoke is a Nigerian Writer, Architect and Poet who loves nature, landscape and interior design. When she's not busy playing Scrabble or trying DIY's, she's painting for fun. Her works have been featured on nantygreens, upwriteNigeria, Lucky Jefferson's 'awake' webzine, Meliora, Ngiga review, Floresta magazine and others. She can be reached via Twitter @salam_adejoke, Facebook @KingAdejoke, Instagram @king_helixir.

The Poem


A person needs some old clothes,

To show time past and seasons,

To show how much of one's time and growth.

Old clothes upon a time,

Were fashionable and all there is,

Passing through time and then cease,

A reminder that life is a lease,

To expire sometime soon like they did.

Old clothes are constant reminder of where one has been,

Even though might not shine anymore with sheen,

Hold beautiful memories within,

Of how foolish one had been and new experiences gained.

Life cycles mastered in pain,

Wrapped in dresses one had once wore,

One really need old clothes,

To joke around or tell one's tale.

The Inspiration Behind The Poem

My poem is titled "Old clothes", it was my birthday as at the time I wrote it and I was thinking about the many changes that comes with aging. Old clothes hold memories, growing taller, things we did while younger, family tradition, places we loved and many other memories wrapped in those clothes material fibres. All these memories I tried to summarize in this poem, hope you enjoy reading!

Disclaimer: EMC's Writer of the Month series seeks to promote the artist and their featured writing and is in no way an endorsement of any of said artist's services, opinions or other work outside of this feature.


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