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Have you ever stood inside the ocean?

Toes curled. Shaky purchase on the seafloor.

There is a lesson to be learned, if you will stand

and defy Poseidon inside his own court. Waves,

they travel single file. To hide their numbers.

Waves- they suffer neither fool nor survivor. Waves-

they just keep coming. The moon-

she has no care for the divisions of you life, for these

tiny boxes you amass and fill. Compartments overflowing,

still she stands, looming as her soldiers consider their

onslaught. Waves, break neither themselves nor each other.

Waves- at every side, there is no path outside of them. Waves-

exiling you back to the shore.

How long have you been standing here?

Commentary: a poem about things that just will not stop. No matter how hard you try. The ocean features a lot in my poetry. It represents home, and distance, and a great connecting network, and the storms that rage within, and the force that holds you down, or keeps you afloat. This poem is the ocean unrelenting, and its speaker is collapsing under its self-afflicted onslaught.


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